Initially, Her Vagenda was created from a conversation I had with myself. Often, we, women allow society, family members, and religion to dictate what we want in life and the route we take to achieve it. I decided that I will dress, laugh, have sex, and get pregnant HOWEVER I choose. Period! Authentically, the inner me and whoever does not like it…well, they know.

My vision for Her Vagenda is to create a space for women to get resources on all things WOMEN. We will host conferences around topics like sexual assault survivors confidently owning their sexuality and fertility (natural birth, single and getting pregnant alone) options.

Now, tell us your WHAT. What have you wanted, but was afraid to break the seal of your lips to say for fear of backlash from family, friends, co-workers? Your voice is heard here, and the more voices we capture will lead to future conferences.

Damika Wallace, CEO